Lazy E Arena Donates to the Victims of Apartment Complex Fire
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Robert Simpson with the Lazy E Ranch and Arena donates a check to Karen Wallis with the American Red Cross to help families move forward following a tragic apartment fire on Nov. 19.
Courtesy of Guthrie News Page

A month has now gone by since the tragic Nov. 19 Guthrie apartment fire that claimed the life of a 9-month-old baby and left multiple families without a home and their possessions. Donations continue for the victims and the latest from the Lazy E Arena and Ranch will help give assistance during the Christmas holiday.

Through the Logan County Red Cross, the Lazy E Arena and Ranch donated $4,000 directly to the families to help move forward.

“The Lazy E Arena and Ranch, along with the McKinney Family, are proud to be a part of the Guthrie Community and when we can, we are happy to support organizations like the Red Cross to funnel these funds directly to the Victims.” Director of the Lazy E, Robert Simpson, said.

Emergency crews responded to the apartment complex at 902 N. Pine, at the intersection of Pine and College, just before 3:30 a.m. The fire destroyed the complex and three vehicles parked in front of the building.

“The recent Guthrie Apartment Fire touched our Lazy E family’s heart. We hope this donation can help the families get back on their feet,” Lazy E owner, Leslie McKinney, said.

The local Red Cross chapter immediately opened seven cases to begin helping the families.

Volunteer Disaster Program Specialist Karen Wallis says all except one family has found permanent housing, but says they are close to finalizing their home.

Wallis says the Long Term Recovery group is helping the families with furniture once the families move into their new homes.

“The effort from the Lazy E is certainly going help us with our needs. We appreciate it so much.”

In addition to furniture, the donation will help with clothing and food.

Donations of gift cards may be brought to the Logan County Red Cross building (219 S, 2nd), The Guthrie Chamber of Commerce (212 W. Oklahoma Ave.), or to Neighborhood Solutions at City Hall (101 N. 2nd). Donations of household items, nice furniture, or appliances can be arranged through Neighborhood Solutions at 405 282-0880.