CTEC Round 1: Tierney Back on Top
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The first round of the CINCH Timed Event Championship is always a mixture of first-run jitters and gaining confidence.Paul David Tierney of Oral, S.D., understands that as well as anybody. Not only is he a veteran in the “Ironman of ProRodeo,” he is the 2014 champion; he’s also a two-time runner-up, having finished as the reserve champ in 2013 and 2015.

“I’m not even concerned about the first round right now,” said Tierney, the son of four-time CTEC champion Paul Tierney. “I just want to keep being smooth and wait until the end to see how it all plays out. “Making sure you get the steers and calves down is the key in the first couple rounds, that and to see what the steers and calves are doing. You want to be sure you get out on the barrier and make a smooth run, then work from there on them.”

Tierney posted a solid 55.9-second opening go-round, highlighted by a 7.9-second heading run, an 8.2 in heeling and a 5.0 in steer wrestling. He holds a 1.3-second lead over the No. 2 man, Trevor Brazile, the reigning champion from Decatur, Texas, that owns a record seven Timed Event titles. Just behind him is 2010 titlist Josh Peek of Pueblo, Colo. Two-time winner Kyle Lockett of Visalia, Calif., sits fourth, while three-time titlist Daniel Green of Oakdale, Calif., is seventh; that makes all five former champions that are in the field among the top eight after the first round.

It takes consistent all-around cowboys to excel in this unique event in which all 20 competitors will make runs in all five timed-event disciplines: heading, heeling, tie-down roping, steer wrestling and steer roping. “I like doing all the events, but I’m not too competitive in the bulldogging or steer roping right now,” Tierney said. “This is a fun opportunity for me to get to do them all.”

It’s also a grueling test of 25 runs over just three days. The biggest incentive is the $100,000 payout to the cowboy that finishes the five-round affair with the fastest cumulative time. It’s a challenge for the cowboys and the animals they use.

That’s why it’s the “Ironman.”

The 2016 CINCH Timed Event Championship is a Lazy E Production. For more information on the CINCH Timed Event Championship or other Lazy E events, contact the Lazy E Arena, 9600 Lazy E Drive, Guthrie, OK 73044, (405) 282-RIDE, (800) 595-RIDE or visit www.lazye.com.


1. Paul David Tierney, 55.9 seconds; 2. Trevor Brazile, 57.2; 3. Josh Peek, 58.3; 4. Kyle Lockett, 71.2; 5. Brodie Poppino, 73.8; 6. Dustin Bird, 76.8; 7. Daniel Green 79.1; 8. Rhen Richard,79.8.