February 27, 2024

AQHA Top Horse

Introducing the prestigious AQHA Top Horse fan-voted award, a testament to the exceptional equine talent showcased in the Cinch Timed Event Championship and Jr Ironman presented by WCRA.

BIG CTEC NEWS! $1,000 Award Cinch Timed Event Championship AQHA Top Horse Award, and $500 Award – Jr Ironman AQHA Top Horse Award! Nominate an AQHA registered Quarter Horse that you are competing on to be eligible for the award. You can nominate at contestant check in. You will need the horse’s registered name, registration number and owner information. If a copy of the registration papers is available, that will speed up the verification procedure!

The AQHA Top Horse Award will be awarded to the horse that FANS select after CINCH Timed Event Championship judges narrow the selection to 10 AQHA horses!

Voting will open after the first round of the Jr Ironman and the third round of the Cinch Timed Event Championship.

Bama Montana 2018 Bay Gelding
Bamacat x Short Candy (Shorty Lena)
Rider: Clayton Hass
Event: Heading and Heeling
Owner: Slick Robison Rope Horses
Horse: Time To Sven
Rider: Eli Green
Event: Heading
Age: 7 (Gelding)
Owner: Kyndall Green