December 14, 2022

Hall Wins Round 3 and Theriot Takes Overall Timed Event Lead

After 15 head Hall is one second out of the lead for the aggregate. Lazy E Photo James Phifer

What a difference a day makes. Just ask Clay Smith, who’d been dominant through two rounds and held the overall Cinch Timed Event Championship lead after four of five events in Round 3. Then Smith missed his trip twice in the steer roping event at evening’s end to take a dreaded 60. The result was game changing, as New Mexico native Seth Hall took the Round 3 victory lap, and Mississippi’s Marcus Theriot took the overall Timed Event lead.

“My favorite run of the first 15 was that steer roping run tonight, because that’s the fastest I’ve ever been,” said Theriot, who was 14.5 in the steer roping, and is now 197.7 in three rounds of five events. “My heeling run tonight was a little sketchy. That steer stepped on my rope and tried to take it away from me. I didn’t think I was going to get a dally.

With the conclusion of Round 3, Theriot is leading the aggregate with a 197.7. Lazy E Photo James Phifer

“It feels good to be closer to the finish line than where I started today, but we’re just barely over halfway done. I’ve been here enough times to know that anything can happen here at the Timed Event.”

Hall won Round 3 after wrapping up five runs in 56.9 seconds.

“I’m excited that I finished my course tonight to the best of my ability,” Hall said. “I left some stuff on the table the last couple rounds. Getting that last steer tied down tonight for the round win felt good. That run was hard.”

Hall borrowed Chance Kelton’s renowned palomino steer horse Bullseye for the Timed Event, and Hall heeded Kelton’s advice when he picked the horse up.

“Chance told me, ‘Take your time over there,’” Hall smiled. “My good friend Robert Ansley’s been telling me, ‘Slow down to be fast’ all my life. I guess I kind of listened. The game plan for tomorrow is to just catch my cattle and not get in a hurry.”

Haven Meged and Lane Karney picked up the other two Round-3 paychecks. Rounding out the top five in the overall average behind Theriot heading into Round 4 tomorrow are Roger Nonella, Hall, Paul David Tierney and Smith.

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Kendra Santos has written about cowboys all her life, including longtime stints with the PRCA, PBR, BFI and The Team Roping Journal. She’s also mom to two 2021 Timed Event Championship cowboys, Lane Karney and Taylor Santos.

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