2023 Ironman Format – A Throwback to the Past

The Cinch Timed Event Championship of the World debuted in 1985. In the world of rodeo at that time, cowboys were beginning to specialize in one or two events. EK Gaylord II, builder and owner of the Lazy E, and a few close cowboy friends had the idea to develop an event that showcased the all-around cowboy, the cowboy who could excel in multiple events, and thus the “Ironman of Pro Rodeo” was born. 

Pro rodeo’s top 20 timed event cowboys in the world are invited and required to compete in all five timed events—heading, tie-down, heeling, steer wrestling, and steer roping—over three grueling days of competition. There have been minor changes to the format over the years including seven years (1987-1993) where there was a precedent of taking 25 contestants and dropping back to 15 for the championship round. Since then, only one cowboy ranked 12th place or higher going into the fifth round has earned aggregate prize money.

In recent years, numerous high-profile events in professional rodeo have made changes in their competition format. After careful consideration and consulting with our industry partners, the Lazy E is bringing our throw-back format to the 2023 event, with the top 15 in the aggregate returning for the 5th and Championship Round. With a total purse of $200,000, the winner walks away with a $100,000 paycheck and bragging rights. The Timed Event Champion of the World remains an elusive title that only a select few can claim!

Cinch Timed Event History Facts

Over the past 28 years (1994-2022) only 10 contestants ranked 16-20 in the aggregate have placed in the final round, only 3 total have won the final round – in 28 years.

In 1985 the Timed Events was on 30 head instead of 25. Leo Camarillo won the event with a 407.0 on 30 head. 

For 7 years (1987-1993) there was a precedent set of taking 25 contestants and dropping back to 15 for the final perf. During those 7 years, 35% of contestants ranked 11-15 in aggregate took home final round money.

In the final performance, the largest move in aggregate placings any contestant has made is 6 places.