December 14, 2022

Teague Holds On to Lead to Take 2021 Jr Ironman Title at the Lazy E

Briar Teague closed the deal on the 2021 Jr Ironman the hard way here at the Lazy E today. The Rattan, Oklahoma, teenager won Rounds 1 and 2, and it was a good thing, as Round 3 was a bit rocky and he ended up needing that buffer. Teague opened the third and final round with a 7-second heading run and a 13-second tie-down roping run. It was all about stopping the clock after that. Then he had to rebuild in the heeling, and missed his bulldogging steer. But Teague did not quit. He ran the length of the 400-foot Lazy E Arena to try and get that last steer thrown. The buzzer beat him, but he got it done anyway. And the crowd went crazy. With 200.4 seconds on 12 runs, Teague was able to hold off reserve champ Jaylyn Hash, who finished with a close 201.2 on 12.

“I thought a 60 (no time) was second,” managed an exhausted Teague at event’s end. “I just had to knock that last steer down is all that was going through my head. (xanax online fara reteta) Then I missed him. It’s a big relief that it worked out the way it did. This is winning it the hard way.”

The Ironman comes down to horsepower. Teague rode his own horses in 3 out of 4 events. Lazy E Photo James Phifer

Teague won $11,500 for first in the average and the Round 1 and 2 wins.

“I’ll rodeo with this money,” he said. “To be recognized at this level is amazing. That I was able to do my job good enough to win it is the main thing. For the Lazy E to put an event of this caliber on for young guys who might be future Timed Event contestants is outstanding.”

Teague rode his own horses—Rolex, Cat and Vegas—in the heading, tie-down and heeling, respectively. World Champion Header Erich Rogers headed for him in the heeling, and Briar’s best buddy, Jessen James, heeled for him in the heading. Teague rode World Champion Steer Wrestler Tyler Pearson’s bay bulldogging horse Tubby, and Pearson hazed for him.

The Lone Star Ropes Jr Ironman Top Horse Award went to Hash’s steer wrestling horse, Cooper.

Another Round 3 highlight was Guthrie, Oklahoma’s own Dawson Price setting a new 3.9-second Jr Ironman record in his hometown here today.

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Kendra Santos

Kendra Santos has written about cowboys all her life, including longtime stints with the PRCA, PBR, BFI, WCRA, and The Team Roping Journal. She’s also mom to two Cinch Timed Event Championship cowboys, Lane Karney and Taylor Santos.